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  • June 20 - Samuel F. B. Morse, receives a patent for the telegraph and a method for conveying messages over it. He developed a code of dots and dashes to represent each letter. Today, some people with disabilities use one or two switches and “Morse code” to type on a computer. [1] [2]


  • February 5 - John Dunlop - Dunlop invented the first practical pneumatic tire. His tire provided the foundation for the Dunlop Tire Company and served as the genesis for the modern tire industry. Pneumatic tires became the standard for bicycles, and today are often used on manual wheelchairs. [3] [4]
  • March 22 - Oberlin Smith - American Mechanical Engineer. Smith invented magnetic recording, the technology used today for audio and video recording and for computer disc drives. Magnetic recording is an important part of many AT devices.[5]


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