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  • November 16 - Thomas P. Gore, a blind politician, is elected as one of the first two senators for the state of Oklahoma.[1]


  • March 23 - Daniel Bovet - Swiss-born Italian pharmacologist. Bovet is known for his discovery of antihistamines, which block the neurotransmitter histamine and are used in allergy medication.[2]
  • July 6 - Frida Kahlo - Mexican painter. Kahlo was famous for her self-portraits and use of vibrant color. Kahlo contracted polio at the age of 6, but she began painting only after a serious accident that resulted in serious spinal injuries. She eventually regained the ability to walk. Kahlo used painting as a form of personal expression and therapy for her pain.[5]
  • July 10 - Fulton Allen - American blues guitarist and vocalist. Also known as "Blind Boy Fuller", Allen was one of the most popular of the Piedmont blues artists.[6]


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