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Health & Science

  • August 13 - The first true stainless steel is produced by Harry Brearley at Brown Firth Laboratories. Stainless steel is used in for a wide variety of surgical and dental applications.
  • October 30 - Ernest Jones founds the London Psychoanalytical Society, now known as British Psychoanalytical Society.[1]


  • December 4 - Dr. Robert Adler, inventor of the first practical wireless television remote control. The device, marketed as the "Zenith Space Command," used ultrasonics to transmit channel up/down and power on/off signals and was a precursor to the other types of environmental control units used today. [2] [3]


  • January 30 - James Henderson Berry - American politician. Berry was elected Governor of Arkansas in 1882. During the Civil War, he was a member of the Confederate Army and was wounded at the battle of Corinth leading to the eventually amputation of his right leg.[4]


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