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Government & Advocacy


  • James Biggs of Bristol claims to have invented the white cane . According to Biggs, he became blind after a car accident and was becoming increasingly concerned with the amount of traffic outside of his home. He decided that painting his cane white would make him more visible to motorists, and thus, the "white cane" was born. He wrote to various organisations, Chief Constables and newspapers, explaining his idea.[2]


  • March 9 - Jane W. Kessler - American psychologist, developed an interdisciplinary and holistic approach to the treatment of children with mental retardation and emotional disorders. [3]


  • October 23 - John Dunlop, inventor of the first practical pneumatic tire. His tire provided the foundation for the Dunlop Tire Company and served as the genesis for the modern tire industry. Pneumatic tires became the standard for bicycles, and today are often used on manual wheelchairs. [4] [5]


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