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  • February 8 - Lisel Mueller, Pulitzer Prize-winning poet, is born. Mueller won the award for Alive Together:New and Selected Poems in which she wrote a long poem addressed to Helen Keller.[1] Re-released in 1998, her work, Dependencies, spoke about the experience of aging and disability. Mueller had glaucoma and cataracts.
  • April 5 - James C. Marsters - deaf orthodontist who was part of the team that developed the first TDD that enabled text communication via a telephone line.[2]
  • June 28 - Robert S. Ledley - invented the whole-body CT (computerized tomographic) diagnostic X-ray scanner, or CAT Scanner.[3]
  • July 14 - James W. Black - Scottish pharamcologist. Black won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his invention of Propranolol, the first beta-blocker.[4]
  • September 7 - Daniel Inouye - long-serving Senator for Hawaii and disabled veteran (amputee).
  • October 25 - Billy Barty - American film actor. One of the first famous people with dwarfism, Barty helped found the Little People of America in 1957.[5]


  • February 3 - President Woodrow Wilson dies. In 1919, Wilson had a stroke that paralyzed his left side and caused significant brain damage. He was the first president to be buried in the Nation's capital.[6]


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