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  • January 31 - Ida May Fuller became the first person to receive an old-age monthly benefit check under the new Social Security law. She paid in $24.75 between 1937 and 1939 on an income of $2,484. Her first check, dated January 31, was for $22.54. [1]
  • June 25 - William Kroll is awarded U.S. Patent #2,205,854 for a method for manufacturing titanium and titanium alloys. Titanium is used in artificial joints and light-weight wheelchairs. [2] [3]


  • July 5 - Famed American photorealist, Chuck Close, is born in Monroe, Washington. Close was dyslexic and had problems recognizing faces. Ironically, he is most known for his self-portraits. [4]


  • March 11 - Arthur W. Aleshire - American politician. A U.S. Representative from Ohio, Aleshire lost the use of his legs in an accident and operated a filling station and grocery store before being elected to Congress.[5]


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