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Government & Advocacy

  • "In accord with the President's request, the Federal Security Administrator authorized the Social Security Board (1) to pay disability benefits to civilians who had been injured in the performance of certain civilian defense activities or who had sustained injuries as a result of enemy action occurring after December 6, 1941, (survivor benefits were to be paid to survivors of such defense workers and other civilians who died from such injuries), and (2) to expand the temporary civilian war assistance program."[1]


  • January 17 - Muhammad Ali - Former heavyweight boxer, diagnosed with Pugilistic Parkinson's syndrome in 1984, Ali continues to be an active and philanthropic figure.


  • March 10 - William Henry Bragg - Bragg won the Nobel Prize in Physics for his work in determining crystalline structures using x-rays. This discovery was crucial to the work of Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin, who solved the structures of cholesterol, vitamin B12, penicillin, and insulin.[3],[4]


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