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  • July 17 - Three winners of Bowler's Victory Legion tourney are guests of President Harry S. Truman and bowl on the two lanes at the White House that were put in only 3 months before.[1]


  • August 29 - Dr. Temple Grandin - Professor and animal scientist. Grandin is a professor and scientist with autism known for her research into humane slaughterhouses.[2]


  • November 1 - Ira Clifton Copley - American Congressman. Copley was a member of the House of Representatives and a newspaper an utilities tycoon. Copley was struck by scarlet fever at the age of two leaving his vision severely impaired.[4]
  • Otto Weidt - Weidt was a business man who set up a workshop for the blind and deaf. He fought against the Gestapo to protect his mostly Jewish workforce.[5]


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