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Government & Advocacy


  • February 9 - Kevin Warwick - British scientist and professor of cybernetics. A scientist who is best known for implanting an electrode array in the nerve fibers of his arm that allowed him to directly interface with computers in a power wheelchair and artificial arm.[2]
  • May 8 - Van Phillips - Inventor. Phillips is a single-amputee and the inventor of the Flex-Foot line of artificial legs including the Cheetah Flex-Foot made famous by runner Oscar Pistorius.
  • May 20 - David Paterson - American politician. Paterson is the first African American and legally blind Lieutenant Governor of New York.[3]


  • July 13 - Frida Kahlo - Mexican painter. Kahlo was famous for her self-portraits and use of vibrant color. Kahlo contracted polio at the age of 6, but she began painting only after a serious accident resulting in serious [spinal]] injuries. She eventually regained the ability to walk. Kahlo used painting as a form of personal expression and therapy for her pain.[4]


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