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  • Beltone releases the Beltone Hear-and-See, the first ear-level binaural (two ear) hearing aid which was hidden in a pair of eyeglasses.[1]
  • April 16 - Dr. Robert Adler, an engineer with Zenith Radio Corporation / Zenith Electronics Corporation, files a patent for the first practical wireless television remote control. The device, marketed as the “Zenith Space Command,” used ultrasonics (high-frequency sound) to transmit channel up/down and power on/off signals. The device was a precursor to the other types of environmental control units used today. [2] [3]


  • September 13 - Geri Jewell - American actress and comedian. (cerebral palsy). Jewell is best known for her role as "Cousin Geri" on The Facts of Life and "Jewel" HBO's Deadwood.[4]


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