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  • May 4 - Christopher Knowles - American poet and artist. Avant-garde poet with autism.
  • August 14 - Magic Johnson (Earvin Effay Johnson, Jr.) - retired professional American National Basketball Association (NBA) basketball player known for his skills as well as his winning personality. In 1991, Johnson announced that he was HIV positive and promptly retired. With the support of the NBA, Johnson returned to become the first openly HIV-positive player in the NBA. He then founded the Magic Johnson Foundation to spread the word about HIV prevention.
  • August 16 - Laura Innes - Actress. Plays Dr. Kerry Weaver on ER who walked with a cane due to a birth defect known as congenital hip dysplasia. The cause of her disability was not revealed until Season 11 of the show.


  • August 15 - William Samuel McTell - American blues singer, songwriter, and guitarist. He was better known as "Blind Willie McTell". McTell was a twelve-string finger picking guitarist, who wrote songs such as "Statesboro Blues" which has been covered The Allman Brothers Band.[1]


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