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  • June 16 - The American Wheelchair Bowling Association is founded when 30 people from 13 states participate in a bowling tournament in Louisville, Kentucky.
  • July 28 - The Miracle Worker, a movie about Anne Sullivan's struggle to teach deaf-blind child Helen Keller how to communicate, is released in theaters. The movie won 2 Oscars, Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress.
  • October 5 - Benjamin A. Rubin, an American microbiologists, files a patent for the invention of the vaccine syringe(3,194,237). His invention would eventually lead to the eradication of smallpox.[2]
  • October 9 - Wilson Greatbatch is awarded a patent for the implantable cardiac pacemaker, which has led to heart patient survival rates comparable to that of a healthy population of similar age. [3] [4]


  • July 3 - Tom Cruise - Cruise is a founding board member of the Hollywood Education Literacy Project (HELP) which aims to help children, who like Cruise, suffer from dyslexia.[5]


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