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  • April 3 - The first portable cell phone call is placed in New York City. Today, cellphones are important assistive technology and safety devices for people with disabilities.[1]


  • January 19 - Dan Keplinger - American painter. (cerebral palsy) Keplinger earned two degrees and became and accomplished painter. He also wrote and starred in the 2000 Oscar winning documentary "King Gimp.[2]
  • May 8 - Marcus Brigstocke - English comedian and satirist. (Dyslexia) Brigstocke is well known for his appearances on The Late Edition and The Now Show.[3]
  • May 16 - Jason Acuña - Italian-born American TV actor and professional skateboarder. (achondroplasia). Acuña is known as "Wee-Man" on the TV show, Jackass.[4]


  • February 23 - Dickinson W. Richards Jr. - Physician and scientist, won Nobel Prize in Medicine for developing a technique for catheterization of the heart and for studies (carried out between 1941 and 1956) of traumatic shock, the diagnosis of congenital heart diseases, the physiology of heart failure, measurement of the actions of cardiac drugs, and various forms of dysfunction in chronic cardiac and pulmonary diseases and their treatment.[5]
  • March 30 - William Kroll, inventor of a method for manufacturing titanium and titanium alloys. Titanium is used in artificial joints and light-weight wheelchairs. [6] [7]


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