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Assistive Technology


  • February 6 - In a tragic skydiving accident during the U.S. Army Golden Knights annual training, Sergeant First Class Dana Bowman loses both of his legs. Only a few months later, he becomes the first double-amputee to re-enlist in the U.S. Army.[2]
  • April 18 - Jean Driscoll(1:34:22) and Heinz Frei(1:21:23) set world-records at the Boston Marathon in the Women's and Men's Wheelchair Divisions. Frei's record was destroyed by Ernst Van Dyk in 2004.[3]


  • July 29 - Dorothy Mary Hodgkin - Hodgkin won a Nobel Prize in Chemistry for solving the structures of cholesterol, vitamin B12, penicillin, and later insulin.[4]


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