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  • February 24 - Former President George H. Bush presented Yoshiko Dart with the George Bush Medal on February 24, 2000 in Houston. Yoshiko accepted on behalf of her husband, Justin W. Dart, Jr., a long time disability rights advocate.
  • April 17 - Jean Driscoll, a wheelchair racer, sets a record 8 wins at the Boston Marathon. Her record stood over all of the standard and wheelchair divisions.[1]
  • October 18 - The 11th Paralympic Games are opened in Sydney, Australia. The mascot for the Games was "Lizzy", the Frill-necked lizard. The organizers of the Games insured that "all core services for the Paralympic Games be delivered by the same staff and same team that would deliver services for the Olympic Games." Meaning that the athletes "lived in the same village, and enjoyed the same catering services, medical care and facilities." "The Games set a new precedent in webcasting, with the public being able to watch some 100 hours of Paralympic competitions through WeMedia’s video streaming service on the Internet." [2]
  • October 30 - Powerlifter and Paralympic athlete, Azerbaijan Gundus Ismailov, loses his gold metal and his world record after he is found guilty of doping.[3]


  • December 23 - Billy Barty - American film actor. One of the first famous people with dwarfism, Barty helped found the Little People of America in 1957.[6]


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