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AT Act State Centers

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The Assistive Technology Act of 2004 has led to the creation of a number of state-specific facilities.


  • State finance systems - activities to increase access to, and funding for, assistive technology devices and services, including development of systems to provide and pay for such devices and services.
  • Device reutilization programs - activities that provide for the exchange, repair, recycling, or other reutilization of assistive technology devices, which may include redistribution through device sales, loans, rentals, or donations.
  • Device loan programs - activities that provide short-term loans of assistive technology devices to individuals, employers, public agencies, or others seeking to meet the needs of people with disabilities.
  • Device demonstration programs - activities that demonstrate a variety of assistive technology devices and provide assistive technology services.

State Programs

  • AK - Alaska AT Project - The purpose of the AT Project is to ensure all Alaskans have the assistive technology and related services needed to live, work and participate in their community.
  • AL - STAR Program - The mission of the STAR program is to enhance independence, productivity and quality of life for all Alabamians with disabilities through access to assistive technology devices and services.
  • AR - Increasing Capabilities Access Network - ICAN, a federally funded program of Arkansas Rehabilitation Services, is designed to make technology available and accessible for all who need it. ICAN is a funding information resource and provides information on new and existing technology free to any person regardless of age or disability.
  • Assistive Technology of Minnesota - ATMn* is a nonprofit organization that provides access to life changing equipment for people with disabilities. We create a lifeline to financial assistance, education, information and resources throughout Minnesota. ATMn* helps Minnesotans with disabilities by increasing self-sufficiency at work, home, at school and in the community.
  • ATAP - Association of Assistive Technolog Act Programs - Our mission is to collaborate with persons with disabilities & others at the national level to increase the availability & utilization of assistive technology devices & services for individuals with disabilities in the U.S. & territories.
  • AZ - Arizona Technology Access Program - The Arizona Technology Access Program (AzTAP) was established in October 1994, and is a part of a national network of technology-related assistance programs. The mission of the AzTAP is to (a) increase access to assistive technology (AT) devices and services for individuals with disabilities and their families, and (b) facilitate the development of a consumer-responsive AT service delivery system.
  • AzLAT: Arizona Loans for Assistive Technology - Arizona Loan for Assistive Technology (AzLAT) is a consumer driven, statewide alternative financing program offering affordable loans to persons with disabilities for the purchase of assistive technology devices.
  • CA - California Assistive Technology Systems - CATS is a statewide project which promotes access to assistive technologies, related services, and information to enable people with disabilities to be successful, independent and productive.
  • CO - Colorado Assistive Technology Partners - CATP is a statewide technology related assistance program. It is designed to support capacity building and advocacy activities designed to assist states in maintaining permanent, comprehensive statewide programs of technology related assistance for all people with disabilities living in Colorado.
  • CT - Connecticut Tech Act Project - The Connecticut Tech Act Project provides information and advocacy services to you regarding assistive technology issues. The project's goal is to make sure that Connecticut's residents (all ages) with disabilities get access to assistive technology.
  • DE - Delaware Assistive Technology Initiative - The Delaware Assistive Technology Initiative (DATI) connects Delawareans who have disabilities with the tools they need in order to learn, work, play and participate in community life safely and independently.
  • [ FL - Florida Alliance for Assistive Services and Technology} - FAAST envisions a seamless, supportive partnership between Florida public and private sectors to provide assistive technology devices and services that will enable persons with disabilities to participate in independent living, education, work, and recreation throughout their lifespan.
  • Georgia Tools for Life - Tools for Life increases access to appropriate assistive technology devices and assistive technology services for all Georgians with disabilities so they can live, learn, work, and play independently in communities of their choice.
  • IA - Iowa Program for Assistive Technology - IPAT's goals are to promote and create systems change in the state with regards to assistive technology (AT) and it's use. IPAT works with consumers and family members, service providers, and state and local agencies/organizations to promote assistive technology through awareness, training, and policy work.
  • ID - Idaho Assistive Technology Project - The Idaho Assistive Technology Project (IATP) has established regional centers throughout Idaho, which provide assessment, consultation, and information services.
  • IL - Illinois Assistive Technology Program - The IATP mission is to break down barriers that prevent people with disabilities from accessing the assistive technology that lets them to learn, work, play and live in the community.
  • INDATA - Indiana Assistive Technology Act - The INDATA project strives to provide assistive technology resources for individuals in Indiana through information and referral services, device loan, device demonstration, computer and equipment reutilization, alternative financing loans, public awareness and education. Follow INDATA on Twitter at @INDATAproject or visit the blog at
  • Kentucky Assistive Technology Loan Corporation (K A T L C) - The Kentucky Assistive Technology Loan Corporation (KATLC) offers low interest loans for qualified applicants with disabilities who need assistive technology. Working with its lending partner, Fifth Third Bank of Kentucky, KATLC can provide loans for modified vehicles, hearing aids, adapted computers, mobility devices, augmentative communication devices or any other type of equipment or home modification that will improve the quality of life or increase the independence of Kentuckians with disabilities.
  • KY - Kentucky Assistive Technology Service - A statewide network of organizations and individuals connecting to enhance the availability of assistive technology devices and services to improve the productivity and quality of life for individuals with disabilities. Through advocacy activities and capacity building efforts, the mission of this collaborative system is to make assistive technology information, devices and services easily obtainable for people of any age and any disability.
  • LA - Louisiana Assistive Technology Access Network - LATAN's mission is to increase access to assistive technology in Louisiana by facilitating the development and implementation of a seamless system of assistive technology services and supports for all persons with disabilities of all ages in all areas of the state.
  • LA - Louisiana Assistive Technology Loan Program - LATAN’s Assistive Technology Loan Program provides an alternative, affordable source of funding to assist people with disabilities purchase assistive technology through a special loan program.
  • MA - Massachusetts initiative to Maximize Assistive Technology (AT) in Consumer's Hands - Through partnerships with community-based organizations, MassMATCH is currently creating new AT programs and working to coordinate AT services throughout the Commonwealth. MassMATCH is one of 56 state-level AT initiatives in the United States. Our mission is to promote the use of assistive technology and assistive technology services to enhance the independence of people with disabilities, enabling equal participation in all of life's activities.
  • Maryland Guaranteed Loan Program - The mission of the Maryland Department of Disabilities is to empower individuals with disabilities in the communities where they live to achieve their personal and professional goals
  • MD - Maryland Technology Assistance Program - A statewide, consumer responsive system for the delivery of technology related assistance to individuals with disabilities, under the Assistive Technology Act of 1998.
  • MI - Michigan's Assistive Technology Project - To create greater access to assistive technology by building the capacity of local communities to create genuine systems change. By supporting the local efforts of persons with disabilities, their families, and friends, Michigan's AT Project seeks to support local organizations capable of advocating for the use of technology as a tool for advocacy and inclusion of all people with disabilities in all aspects of community life.
  • MN - Minnesota STAR Program - STAR informs Minnesotans about issues of assistive technology, opens the door to assistive technology for the citizens of Minnesota through state and federal legislation, works with state agencies and builds/maintains community collaborative and communication efforts.
  • MP - Northern Mariana Islands STRAID - To enhance the quality of life and opportunities for individuals with disabilities in the Commonwealth, enabling them to become independent, productive, integrated, and fully included in the community through systems change activities which increase access and utilization of Assistive Technology devices and services.
  • MS - Mississippi Project START - To ensure the provision of appropriate Technology-Related services for Mississippians with disabilities by increasing the awareness of and access to Assistive Technology and by helping the existing service systems to become more consumer responsive so that all Mississippians with disabilities will receive appropriate Technology-Related services and devices.
  • MT - Montana's Tech Act Project - A federal program that provides assistive technology resources and supports to people with disabilities in the state of Montana.
  • NH - New Hampshire Assistive Technology Partnership - To increase access to assistive technology through the creation and support of consumer driven systems for the provision of state-of-the-art assistive technology products and services for citizens with disabilities in the state of New Hampshire.
  • NY - New York TRAID Project - Provides statewide coordination of assistive technology activities for people with disabilities, fosters development of state and federal policies and programs to enhance availability of assistive technology, provides information, training, technical assistance and advocacy on how to obtain and use assistive technology services and devices.
  • OK - Oklahoma ABLE Tech - To help individuals with disabilities gain access to assistive technology so that they can achieve their greatest potential. Millions of Americans with disabilities depend on assistive technology such as wheelchairs, communication tools, and other resources that help accommodate the challenges of living with a disability.
  • Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation - Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation (PATF) - A non-profit organization that provides low-interest loans to people with disabilities for assistive technology devices and services
  • SC - South Carolina Assistive Technology Program - A federally funded project concerned with getting technology into the hands of people with disabilities so that they might live, work, learn and be a more independent part of the community.
  • SD - South Dakota DataLink - A statewide program of resources and supports that enable individuals in South Dakota greater access to assistive technology devices and services, to maintain independence, to explore funding options, and to become educated about assistive technology issues.
  • TX - Texas Technology Access Program - Provides information, conducts training and technical assistance and works with policy makers to support children and adults with disabilities in their efforts to acquire and use technology as a routine part of day-to-day living.
  • Utah Assistive Technology Foundation - Information regarding low-interest loans to purchase assistive technology for people with disabilities in Utah. The site includes the history of the foundation, common questions, and loan application forms.
  • VA - Virginia Assistive Technology Loan Fund Authority (ATLFA) - The Assistive Technology Loan Fund Authority's (ATLFA) mission is to facilitate favorable credit financing of assistive technology for Virginians with disabilities. The ATLFA can help eligible applicants obtain low-interest loans for a wide variety of special equipment (i.e. assistive technology). This includes loans for wheelchairs, motorized scooters, Braille equipment, hearing aids, low vision aids, communication systems, environmental control devices, building and home modifications for accessibility or telecommunication devices for the deaf or other assistive technology.
  • VI - Virginia Assistive Technology System - VATS has received federal funding from the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research since 1990 to develop a statewide comprehensive system of assistive technology (AT), and to assist Virginians with disabilities in accessing assistive and information technology (IT) devices and services.
  • Washington Access Fund - The goal of the Washington Assistive Technology Foundation is to help put assistive technology and home modifications within the reach of those who need it. WATF will facilitate loans to help disabled persons purchase assistive technology enabling them to maintain independent and productive lives.
  • WA - Washington Assistive Technology Alliance - A consumer advocacy network that includes the University of Washington Center for Technology and Disability Studies (UWCTDS), and the AT Resource Center at Easter Seals Washington (EATRC).
  • WI - WisLoan - The WisLoan program offers loans for assistive technology. The loans help people buy equipment such as hearing aids, modified vehicles, wheelchairs and ramps. Independent living centers throughout the state provide technical assistance, applications and assistive technology services.