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Jui-Te Lin (University of Pittsburgh)


Database Structure and Concept
Database Structure and Concept

Assistive Technology (AT) is a term that covers many types of adaptive and rehabilitation devices. However, looking into current online marketplaces, most websites don’t arrange AT information properly and the structure is not individual oriented. This paper put forward a novel database design that utilizes user aspects in the classification and search engine. This database was specifically designed for assistive technology so that both buyers and sellers can use these resources easily. For one type of AT the database was completed with this new concept. Potential end users evaluated the prototype and provided feedback. After evaluation users pointed out that the layout was well organized and highlighted a more human-based structure than other available sites.


The purpose of this design project was to develop a new marketplace platform that includes the following features:

  • Integrates used AT device information into a user-friendly layout
  • This includes all type of assistive technologies (AT) that are classified by users
  • Utilizes a convenient search strategy so that each user can easily find what they need based on personal characteristics and clinically based suggestions
  • Allows buyers and sellers to enter data easily and correctly

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