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Abbreviation expansion and macros

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Abbreviation expansion and the use of macros are used to reduce the number of keystrokes that a person must type, and thus increase speed.

Abbreviation expansion lets the user type in an abbreviation for a word or phrase, and the software spells out the full text on the screen. For example, an abbreviation could set up that types “assistive technology” every time “at-” is typed, with the result being a savings of typing 17 characters.

In contrast, macros are shortcuts that complete a set of commands in response to a set of keystrokes. For example, a macro could be created that opens a file and types in the information to start a letter. Macros can be activated by keyboard, but also may be used with Voice input systems. In this case, a “New Letter” command might carry out the macro example just described.

Abbreviation expansion is sometimes used not only for computer access, but in Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) Systems.