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ATWiki:Acceptable Content Policy

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The ATWiki is a non-profit website that provides a means for individuals and companies to share their knowledge of assistive technology and its related disabilities with the world.



The ATWiki system operators, moderators, and administrators have the right to move, edit, or remove any article or part of an article that they deem is in violation of this policy with or without notice. This policy is subject to change or disambiguation. Changes to the policy will only be made to protect the original intention of the site which is to provide un-biased, neutrally-written information on assistive technology and its related disabilities. Pages will not be "grandfathered" in under previous revisions of this policy if they are found to violate the current policy. Any users who repeatedly violate this policy or refuse to conform to this policy may be blocked from future edits or removed from the ATWiki indefinitely.

Items appropriate for posting on ATWiki

Important! All content must be related to assistive technology or related disabilities. Any content that is not in this vein will be removed.

Original articles on assistive technology and related disabilities

We highly encourage un-biased, neutrally written content on assistive technology, related disabilities. Content that is plagiarized from another source including other wikis such as the Wikipedia will be removed.

Legal copies of articles from elsewhere that you have permission to post

Legal copies of articles include articles that you have authored and/or have permission to post. The information in the articles should apply to assistive technology, be specific to the page topic, and factual in nature. Any articles containing opinions should be linked to in the External Links section of the page.

Information on AT related products, organizations, and companies

Companies or organizations wishing to post information on their products or services must also make a significant contribution to the general AT knowledge of the site or face removal of their content.

Information on AT related products, organization, and companies may be included as long as the information provided by the company or organization is limited to factual, neutrally-written information. Anything that constitutes puffery or an opinion will be removed. Claims must be backed-up with supporting information from a neutral, third-party. General assistive technology pages may include information about specific products, services, organization, and companies only if the information refers to the history of the technology. For example, a company may be mentioned if the company invented a particular assistive technology or played a significant role in the development.

Links to products, services, organization, and companies pages may be included on a general assistive technology page in a Product Links section after the main content of the page.

Primary (original) Research

If you have done primary research on a topic, your results must be published in another respected venue such as peer-reviewed journals, other printed forms, or respected online sites. Not all information added to ATWiki has to be from peer-reviewed journals, but please strive to make sure that information is reliable and verifiable. For example, citing book, print, or reliable web resources demonstrates that the material is verifiable and is not merely the editor's opinion.

Items not appropriate for posting on ATWiki

Promotional Materials

  • Propaganda, advocacy, or recruitment of any kind, commercial, political, religious, or otherwise. Of course, an article can report objectively about such things, as long as an attempt is made to describe the topic from a neutral point of view. You might wish to start a blog or visit a forum if you want to convince people of the merits of your favorite views. Note: ATWiki pages may not be used for advocacy unrelated to ATWiki, but pages in the ATWiki namespace may be used to advocate for improving or organizing ATWiki itself. So essays, portals, project pages, etc. are part of what ATWiki is.
  • Propaganda is a concerted set of messages aimed at influencing the opinions or behavior of large numbers of people. Instead of impartially providing information, propaganda in its most basic sense presents information in order to influence its audience. The most effective propaganda is often completely truthful, but some propaganda presents facts selectively to encourage a particular synthesis, or gives loaded messages in order to produce an emotional rather than rational response to the information presented. The desired result is a change of the cognitive narrative of the subject in the target audience.
  • Advocacy is the act of arguing on behalf of a particular issue, idea or person. Individuals, organizations, businesses, and governments (for example at the level of the United Nations) can engage in advocacy.
  • Recruitment is the process or art of finding candidates for a post in an organization.
  • Opinion pieces on current affairs or politics. Although current affairs and politics may stir passions and tempt people to "climb soapboxes" (i.e. passionately advocate their pet point of view), ATWiki is not the medium for this. Articles must be balanced so as to put entries for current affairs in a reasonable perspective, and represent a neutral point of view. Furthermore, ATWiki authors should strive to write articles that will not quickly become obsolete.
  • Self-promotion. It can be tempting to write about yourself or projects you have a strong personal involvement in. However, do remember that the standards for encyclopedic articles apply to such pages just like any other, including the requirement to maintain a neutral point of view, which is difficult when writing about yourself. Creating overly abundant links and references to autobiographical articles is unacceptable.
  • Advertising. Articles about companies and products are acceptable if they are written in an objective and unbiased style . Furthermore, all article topics must be third-party verifiable, so articles about very small "garage" or local companies are not likely to be acceptable. External links to commercial organizations are acceptable if they identify major organizations associated with a topic. Please note ATWiki does not endorse any organizations and does not set up affiliate programs. Furthermore, those interested in promoting causes or events, or issuing public service announcements, even if noncommercial, should use a forum other than ATWiki to do so. This type of information on a general assistive technology page is considered advertising and will be edited, moved, or removed at the discretion of the editors

Non-essential Collections

  • Collections of internal or external links. There is nothing wrong with adding one or more useful content-relevant links to an article; however, excessive lists can dwarf articles and detract from the purpose of ATWiki. Mere collections of internal links, except for disambiguation pages when an article title is ambiguous, and for lists to assist with the organization of articles.
  • Collections of photographs or media files. Mere collections of photographs or media files with no text to go with the articles are not appropriate for posting on the ATWiki.

Personal/Directory/Catalog Information

  • Genealogical entries or phonebook entries. Biography articles should only be for people with some sort of fame, achievement, or perhaps notoriety. One measure of publicity is whether someone has been featured in several external sources (on or off-line). Less well-known people may be mentioned within other articles.
  • Directory information, directory entries, electronic program guide, or resources for conducting business. For example, an article on a company generally should not list upcoming events, current promotions, phone numbers, current schedules, etc., although mention of major events, promotions or historically significant program lists and schedules (such as the Paralympic Game schedules) may be acceptable. Furthermore, the Talk pages associated with an article are for talking about the article, not for conducting the business of the topic of the article. ATWiki is not the yellow pages. The only exceptions to this rule is the information allowed in templates created by staff of the ATWiki.
  • Product pricing. ATWiki is not a pricing guide, therefore prices of a product should not be quoted in an article unless the price can be sourced and there is a justified reason for its mention. Examples of justified reasons include notable sales of rare collectors items, historical prices of note, etc.

Manual or Instructional Materials

  • Instruction manuals. While ATWiki has descriptions of people, places, and things, an ATWiki article should not read like a how-to style manual of instructions, advice (legal, medical, or otherwise) or suggestions, or contain "how-to"s. This includes tutorials, walk-throughs, and instruction manuals.
  • Travel guides. An article on Paris should mention landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, but not the telephone number or street address of your favorite hotel or the price of a café au lait on the Champs-Élysées. ATWIki is not a place to re-create content more suited to entries in hotel guides, culinary guides, travelogues, and the like. Notable locations may meet inclusion criteria, but ATWiki does not list every tourist attraction, restaurant, hotel, venue, etc.
  • Internet guides. ATWiki articles should not exist only to describe the nature, appearance or services a website offers, but should describe the site in an encyclopedic manner, offering detail on a website's achievements, impact or historical significance, which can be significantly more up-to-date than most reference sources since we can incorporate new developments and facts as they are made known.
  • Textbooks and annotated texts. ATWiki is an encyclopedic reference, not a textbook. The purpose of ATWiki is to present facts, not to teach subject matter. It is not appropriate to create or edit articles which read as textbooks, with leading questions and step-by-step problem solutions as examples.

News Articles

  • News articles about assistive technology, products, companies, and/or organizations should not be placed on the ATWiki. News articles may be linked to in the External Links section of a page.


ATWiki may contain content that some readers consider objectionable or offensive. Anyone reading ATWiki can edit an article and the changes are displayed instantaneously without any checking to ensure appropriateness, so ATWiki cannot guarantee that articles or images are tasteful to all users or adhere to specific social or religious norms or requirements. While obviously inappropriate content (such as an irrelevant link to a shock site) is usually removed immediately, or content that is judged to violate ATWiki's biographies of living persons policy can be removed, some articles may include objectionable text, images, or links if they are relevant to the content and do not violate any of our existing policies (especially neutral point of view), nor the law of the U.S. state of Georgia, where ATWiki's servers are hosted.