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Accessible Camera Mount for Quadriplegic Wheelchair User

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Adapted tripod, side view with camera tilt
Adapted tripod, side view with camera tilt
Adapted tripod, rear view
Adapted tripod, rear view

Sam is a photographer with quadriplegia and needs an accessible mounting system attached to his power wheelchair. He takes pictures in a wide array of indoor and outdoor environments. He wants to be able to position the camera at different heights and angles while he is using it, and to be able to move the mount out of the way when he doesn't need it.


We started with a DAESSY locking swing away mount from Daedalus Technologies, Inc. I took a standard tripod and removed the legs so that it could be attached to the swing away mount. The controls on the tripod were adapted with levers to make it easier to manipulate.

Cost Analysis

Material cost for the accommodation: $763 for the Daessy mount, $30 for the tripod, about $30 for hardware to adapt the controls, and the bracket to attach the tripod to the mount was recycled and adapted from an old wheelchair. Fabrication time was 15 to 20 hours.

Repeatability of Solution



Michael Papp, MS Rehabilitation Engineering

Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services