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Adapted clothing

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Low effort dressing can be accomplished by incorporating easy to don and doff clothing options. Many styles exist to best meet the needs of the consumer without forgoing consumer fashion choices.

Elastic Pants
Elastic Pants


Lower Extremity Options

  • Elastic waisted pants/skirts (dress, jeans, sweats, windpants, etc)
  • Drawstring pants/skirts
  • Replace zippers/buttons of pants with velcro or snaps
  • Choose looser fitting clothing styles

Upper Extremity Options

  • Crew neck/pullovers
  • Button-ups (may need to use button hook or replace with snaps)
  • Henleys
  • Replace zippers/buttons of shirts with velcro or snaps
  • Choose looser fitting clothing styles
Men's Henley
Men's Henley
Women's Henley
Women's Henley

Footwear Options

  • Replace shoelaces with elastic shoelaces
  • Use shoelace clips
  • Slip on shoes
  • Velcro Shoes
  • Flip-flops/Sandles
Elastic Lock laces
Elastic Lock laces
Velcro Shoes
Velcro Shoes

Clothing Articles to Avoid

  • Tights/hose/leggings
  • Tight fitting clothing styles
  • Rear zippers/buttons
  • Boots

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