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Adaptive cooking utensils

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Cooking tasks and the required utensils are easily adapted. There are a number of adapted utensils available for purchase by consumers without being medically prescribed.



Built Up Handles
Built Up Handles
  • Built up handles are available to assist in decreased grip strength and/or decreased finger range of motion.
Rocker Knife
Rocker Knife
  • Rocker knives available to assist with cutting. The slanted blade allows for a rocking motion, rather than a slicing motion while cutting food. This is especially helpful for individuals experiencing decreased strength and/or range of motion in the fingers/wrist.
Universal Cuff
Universal Cuff
  • Universal cuffs are very useful for individuals with limited grip strength, an inability to isolate specific finger movements, and/or in need of assistance with activites requiring a greater range of motion than is available. NOTE: These cuffs can be used to hold utensils while eating as well as toothbrushes and/or combs for grooming activities.

Can Openers

A number of can openers exist to aid individuals with decreased strength, dexterity, and/or flexibility. They range in complexity of design and cost from very elaborate to very simple. They can attach to the underside of a cabinet, remain free-standing, or be handheld. Some can openers are powered by electricity or batteries, whereas others are manual.

Mixing Spoons

  • Built up handles, similar to the forks, knives, and spoons, can assit individuals with mixing and stirring while cooking.
  • Additional relief may come in the form of adjusted movement patterns. Holding the spoon like a dagger (full fist) utilizes larger muscle groups and reduces the stress on the smaller joints of the hands. In addtion, an individual with decreased strength may find this to be a less tiring way to cook.
  • Use electric mixers to complete as much of the mixing as possible. These are available in smaller hand-held models and in countertop models.

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