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Association of Assistive Technology Act Programs (ATAP)

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The Association of Assistive Technology Act Programs (ATAP) is a national, member-based organization, comprised of state Assistive Technology Act Programs funded under the Assistive Technology Act (AT Act).

ATAP was established in 1997 to provide support to state AT Program members to enhance the effectiveness of AT Programs on the state and local level, and promote the national network of AT Programs. ATAP facilitates the coordination of state AT Programs nationally and provides technical assistance and support to its members. ATAP represents the needs and interests of the state AT Programs and is the national voice of the AT Programs.

Mission Of ATAP

ATAP will set the national direction and advocate for AT Act programs. ATAP will promote and support quality performance of the State AT programs.

Goals of ATAP

ATAP’s goals are founded on the needs of the AT Programs. ATAP’s goals include:

  • Identify accessible IT and AT- related issues that effect the provision of and access to IT and AT the state and local level and developing collaborations and partnerships with other nationally-based disability, service provider and advocacy groups to develop and promote successful strategies to get AT to people who need it.
  • Promote and formalize the collaboration of AT Programs with persons with disabilities, providers, industry, advocates and others at the state and national level and to increase the availability and utilization of accessible information technology (IT) and assistive technology devices and services (AT) for all individuals with disabilities in the United States and territories.
  • Implement a mechanism to mentor its membership for the purposes of leadership development and succession planning
  • Support AT Programs in implementing the AT Act and promote the rights of people with disabilities, family members, providers, etc. to access accessible IT and AT devices and services.
  • Formalize and strengthen the organizational structure to address the goals of the organization

To contact the ATAP, visit their site at