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Bathing aids

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One of the activities of daily living is bathing. However as people grow older many tend to lose dexterity or mobility. There are many assistive products out there to assist in bathing and also preemptive measures to take while designing a bath or shower that helps accommodate aging in place process.


Aging In Place: Shower/Bath

An aging in place bathroom design
An aging in place bathroom design

A smart investment to make to make in a home is to already build it with universal principles in mind. As far as the bathroom and shower is concerned, here are some checkpoints to keep in mind, whether creating a new bathroom or remodeling, to create a safer, more accommodating area for all stages of life.

  • Lower bathtub for ease of access
  • A roll in shower with no curb
  • Fold down seat in the shower
  • Adjustable/ handheld shower heads
  • Slip-resistant flooring in bathroom and shower
  • Bracing in walls around tub, shower, shower seat and toilet for installation of grab bars to support 250 - 300 pounds.


If remodeling a bathroom is too much of a price tag there are thousands of assistive technology products to help people bathe comfortably and safely.

Transfer Benches

Sliding, rotating transfer bench
Sliding, rotating transfer bench

For people with physical limitations to getting in and out of the bathtub. Transfer benches allow the user to slide into the most ideal position. Some transfer benches are stationary where as some have seats that slide on tracks.

Other transfer benches have a swivel seat for better accessibility. Most benches are height adjustable to better customize to the user’s preferences.

Grab Bars

Tub mounted grab bars
Tub mounted grab bars

Grab bars assist the user in maintaining balance in the shower and bathroom. These benefit everyone since they help maintain a safe bathroom and to help entering and exiting the bathtub.

Grab bars come in various configurations for the shower and bathtub. They are also an inexpensive way to make the shower a safe place.

Slip Proof flooring

Since falls are one of the most common bathroom accidents, slip proof flooring is another inexpensive way to make a bathroom that can benefit everybody. These floorings should be in the bathtub and shower and outside on the bathroom floor.

Pebble non-slip shower mat
Pebble non-slip shower mat

Caution: Do not use throw rugs or bath mats to substitute floor coverings because they could be a tripping hazard. Instead lean towards a non-skid, latex-coated bath mat. Matte-finished, textured tile is recommended as a floor covering.