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The client is an adolescent with Morquio syndrome. Due to his limited mobility, he uses a wheelchair and requires assistance to transport and set up his DJ equipment. The goal is to construct a device that allows him to do this independently. The BeatMobile features a wheeled cart frame that allows for easy transportation, a lighting system to display lights at an elevated height during shows, and a ramp and winch system for loading and unloading the heavy cart. The BeatMobile significantly reduced the set up time for a DJ show. With this device, less than half of the original set up time is required. Additional testing confirmed that the winch can pull the cart up the ramp, even when carrying excessive loads. The average force exerted by the winch to pull the fully-loaded 118 kg cart up the ramp is 473 N ± 18 N. The winch has a 907 kg pulling capacity, so loading and unloading the cart will not be a problem, even if the cart is overloaded. The client was very satisfied with the BeatMobile and plans to use the project at his next gig. His mother, who previously loaded all of the equipment manually, agrees that it will significantly reduce her workload when setting up for shows.

Further Information

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