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Bottle Opener

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Judy lost her right arm in an accident only a decade ago. Although she has several prosthetic arms, she finds it easier to go about her day without a prosthetic, as do 30–50% of people with upper extremity amputations (Atkins et al., 1996; Silcox et al., 1993). The bottle opener fills the need of opening bottles and jars easily with one hand. It aims to aid Judy gain more independence at home or on the go.

I meet with Judy, a woman in her late 60s who lost her right arm in an accident. When I told her about my project, she was excited to show me all the assistive devices that she had and used everyday, many of which were made by her husband. It amazed me how simple innovations make the most impact, like a cutting board that her husband had put pegs into so that Judy could easily chop vegetables by herself. She also had something that stood out to me, a large contraption the size of a food processor to open bottles and jars for her.

I wanted to create something for Judy so she can easily open bottles and jars without being plugged into a wall and having to deal with a bunch of settings. This started my search for a better, more compact bottle opener.

Further Information

More information can be found by following the link here.