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After people have spinal cord injury, they cannot control their body easily. Assistive devices are one of the alternatives for clients to do activities of daily living (ADL). However, many users have various complaints about assistive devices to use in ADL because of appearance, weight, portability, and usability. Among these devices, we focused on the writing assistive device which is called “penholder” to help clients who want to write.

Previously commercialized penholder fix the pen by putting in to a hole of the device. It is easy to fall out because of a low fix ability. User have to raise their whole arm while using because the pen shake a lot when clients lean their arm on the desk. This unstable posture applies high stress on the shoulder because of the weight of user`s arm. It can cause scoliosis too when the writing time gets longer.

To resolve these issues, we designed a new concept of the penholder that changes hand posture to tripod grasp. This tripod grasp enables users to lean their arm on the desk while writing, like the non-disabled. To achieve the tripod grasp we attached a single wire sheath on thumb, index, and middle finger. When the wire is pulled, wire tension gathers the three fingers into a single point.

In addition we designed thimble typed penholder that has fingerless glove and thimble, which improve the device conveniently while wearing.

Further Information

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