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Assistive technology professionals help individuals with disabilities acquire and use appropriate Assistive Technology (AT) to help them participate in activities of daily living, employment and education.

Few pre-service programs provide degrees for assistive technology service providers. Instead, the field consists of an interdisciplinary group of rehabilitation engineers, occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech-language pathologists, suppliers, educators and other professionals who specialize in assistive technology issues. AT professionals typically have a degree in one of these other fields, but will have additional training in assistive technology.

Since the profession includes people with such varied backgrounds, over ten years ago, RESNA developed three credentials that recognize a demonstrated level of professional competence in the service provision of Assistive Technology: ATP, ATS, and RET.

Assistive technology service providers may specialize in several areas of assistive technology, including workplace accommodations, computer access, vehicle modifications, architectural modifications and home modifications, augmentative and alternative communication, environmental controls, positioning devices, seating and mobility, sensory aids, and learning accommodations. They may be affiliated with hospitals, state vocational rehabilitation programs, schools, assistive technology companies, or disability organizations.

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