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Combination Seed Dispenser and Planting Mechanism

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Student Designers: Dongwoon Hyun, Robert Dodson, Victor Lieu (Duke University)


Seed dispenser being used with template
Seed dispenser being used with template

Goodwill Industries of Eastern North Carolina’s nature center program provides opportunities for adults with disabilities to express their own creativity in nurturing plant life (1), however complications with planting detract from their experiences. This project seeks to alleviate these issues and to make the participants in the nature center program more successful and independent. This report seeks to describe the situation and needs involved prior to a full description of how those needs are met by our final product. The steps involved in the project design, development, and evaluation are described in the perspective of meeting the needs and desires of our clients.


An optimum solution should help our clients overcome their disabilities, while maintaining their sense of independence. The end product should aid in the act of dispensing a single seed or only a few seeds to minimize waste and improve the ability of our clients to achieve and recognize success. Our final design is composed of two main components. One is a template to be placed over the seed flat. It is exchangeable between flats and will generally only need to be used by the clients. The second component is a seed dispenser, which will require some setup by the Goodwill staff and will dispense only a few seeds at a time.

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