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Computer joystick

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A computer joystick operates a bit differently than a wheelchair joystick. Wheelchair joysticks usually operate as a set of switches, so how far or how fast you go does not depend on how far you push the joystick. For computers, how far a joystick is pushed does matter. For this reason, a person with spasticity who is able to use the all-or-none approach with a wheelchair joystick may have trouble with the more precise control required to use a computer joystick. Still, a joystick may be easier to grab than a mouse, it requires a smaller range of motion than a mouse, and it can also be operated by chin or mouth movements (e.g., Prentke Romich’s Jouse). Joysticks range in price from $200-2200, depending on features.

If an individual is able to operate a joystick, but does not have enough range of motion to reach all of the keys on even a compact keyboard, a virtual, On-screen keyboard may be considered.

See the Mouse alternatives article for more cursor control options.

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