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Counting Jig for Packager

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Some employees at a work activity center had the task of counting out exactly 49 nuts and placing them into a bag. The usual way to perform this task was to use a finger to slide each nut into a pile, one at a time. Some of the employees, particularly those with cognitive impairments, needed a structured way to count out the correct number of parts.


Counting Jig
Counting Jig
Counting Jig
Counting Jig
Counting Jig
Counting Jig

A device was created to help the workers complete the task without having to count pieces. This tray has exactly 49 machined recesses, which would trap one nut per recess.

A handful of nuts would be poured into the tray, the worker would then shake the tray until a nut was trapped in each hole. Once all of the indentations were full, the tray would be tilted slightly, and the excess nuts would fall out of a hole in the corner of the tray. What remains, are the exact number of components which can be immediately processed for packaging.

Cost Analysis

No information available.

Repeatability of Solution

This accommodation involved standard materials and fabrication techniques. Note that jigs that help sort and count materials can provide useful accommodations for a variety of job tasks.


David F. Law, Jr., Rehab Engr.

VA Dept of Rehabilitative Services

CRCMS Division

8004 Franklin Farms Drive

Richmond, VA 23288-0300