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Cueing Jig for Packager

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An individual with cognitive impairments, working in a work activity center, needed to place a certain number of items into a box for sale in an auto parts store. She needed a structured way to count out the correct number of parts.


Cueing Jig
Cueing Jig
Cueing Jig in action
Cueing Jig in action

A custom device was fabricated to help the employee count the items and load them in the box. The device has a separate compartment for each item that needs to be packed in the box. When the compartments are full (A), the handle is lifted, and the parts fall through a funnel into the waiting box (B). Because the box is held open by the jig, an individual with use of only one hand can also load it.

Cost Analysis

The device was fabricated from 0.25 inch thick ABS plastic and required about 3 hours of fabrication time.

Repeatability of Solution

This accommodation involved standard materials and fabrication techniques. Note that jigs that help position or sort materials can provide useful accommodations for a variety of job tasks.


Gary M. McFadyen, Ph.D.

Assistant Research Professor

Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems

Mississippi State University

Mississippi State, MS 39762