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Dave Barr

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Dave Barr (April 12, 1952 - ) is a motorcyclist, amputee skydiver, and motivational speaker. He has also written books, produced documentaries, earned two Guinness World Records, and established a foundation to support a charity that assists disabled people.[1]


Military Career

Barr was born on April 12, 1952 in Los Angeles, California and was abandoned in a car. He was placed into foster care and eventually adopted by a Navy veteran of World War II in the Pacific, Guy Barr, and his wife, Lucille, who had worked in an aircraft assembly plant during the war.[2]

Dave returned from Vietnam in 1971 and bought his first Harley. He won 57 air medals while in Vietnam. Ten years later in 1981, while serving in the South African army in Angola, Barr's unarmored vehicle ran over a land mine causing him to lose his legs.

Around the World

Barr is the first person to travel around the world on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. The trip spanned 6 continents and 83,000 miles. Dave established a Guinness World Record for crossing northern Europe, Russia and Siberia on a motorcycle in the dead of winter. In Fall of 2002, he established another world record by completing the first motorcycle journey ever between the four extreme geographical corners of the Australian continent.[3]


Dave Barr owns Dave Barr Motorcycle Tours out of Bodfish, California.

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