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Double Hole Puncher

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Violet's diagnosis includes epilepsy and mild MR. She is employed by a small business that bakes and sells chips. Her job tasks include punching two holes in the top of the bag after it is filled with chips. A decorative ribbon is then pulled through the holes and tied in a bow.

Violet was punching holes with a standard hand-held puncher, and it was very tiring for her to punch holes through the folded bag top all day long. Also, the alignment and location of the holes Violet punched varied more than the employer would accept.


Double hole punch device
Double hole punch device

Two standard hole punchers were bolted together, separated with a nylon bushing so that the hole spacing met company requirements. The hole punchers were then secured to a piece of 2 in. X 8 in. lumber with two angle brackets and two cable staples. An 8 in. piece of aluminum tubing was positioned over one handle of each puncher to provide the increased leverage necessary to reduce the punching force required, thus eliminating wrist fatigue.

Cost Analysis

Material cost for the accommodation was under $10 for the brackets, bolt and tubing. The hole punchers were $5 each. Fabrication time was app. 4-6 hours.


Michael Cifaldi

NC Vocational Rehabilitation Services