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Electronic Stethoscope for Nurse with Hearing Loss

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Client is a nurse with a hearing loss who needs to use a stethoscope throughout the day. He does not wish to remove his hearing aids each time he needs to use the stethoscope.


The first solution was to obtain an amplified scope as shown in Figure 1. This scope allowed him to hear the sounds he needed to hear, but it required him to remove his hearing aid. A stereo headset was modified to allow insertion of the tips of the stethoscope as showen in Figure 2. However, this placed the tips of the scope too far away from the ear for the client to hear the sounds even with a hearing aid.

Cost Analysis

The e-scope retials for $350.00 from Effective Communications (1-800-838-1649).


Gary M. McFadyen, Ph.D.

Assistant Research Professor

Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems

Mississippi State University

Mississippi State, MS 39762