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Emergency notification systems

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Database Systems Corp. (DSC) provides the latest computer and telecommunications technology services. DSC specializes in voice broadcasting technology including Emergency Notification systems and emergency alert services. Whether a group or organization needs to purchase an emergency phone dialer or utilize emergency dialing service, DSC can deliver emergency alert messages promptly and accurately.

When a critical situation arises in your community, the DSC emergency phone systems and service can contact community residents quickly and efficiently. Should a natural disaster such as a forest fire or chemical spill threaten community residents, DSC can provide emergency alerts and evacuation instructions immediately.

Emergency notification services are very helpful in senior centers and in assisted living facilities where a large population needs to be contacted quickly. Church and school organizations have especially benefited from this mass communications technique.


Emergency Notification Applications

  • Broadcast severe weather warnings i.e. tornado warning
  • Advance notification of utility outages
  • Forest fire alerts and fire alarms
  • Notify targeted community of health hazard
  • Seek community donations for food, clothing, and shelter
  • School closings
  • Request blood donations
  • Hurricane warning and instructions
  • Call for volunteers and workers
  • Flood and high water warnings
  • Issue Travel Warnings
  • Warn community of natural disaster
  • Blast alert calls for major accidents
  • Civil unrest or disturbances

Non Profit Organization Registration

DSC now offers an online registration capability that allows non-profit organizations such as communities, churches and schools to register for emegency voice broadcasting services on the internet. This emergency broadcast registration form provides savings over normal fees.

Contact Database Systems Corp.

Database Systems Corp. can be contacted at (602) 265-5968 or using the following Contact Form.


  • IVR - Interactive voice response technology used by CARE
  • Voice broadcasting - Send phone messages using computer technology (Voice Broadcasting).

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