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February 15

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  • 1576 - Thomas Tilsye and Ursula Russell are married in a signed ceremony in Leicester, England.[1]
  • 1852 - Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children (GOSH) admits its first patient. GOSH is thought to be the first hospital to have in-patient beds for children in the Western World. Today, GOSH is the "largest centre for research into childhood illness outside the United States".[1]
  • 1872 - George Huntington, an American physician, first described symptoms of a hereditary chorea or "Huntington's Disease".
  • 1972 - The second demonstration of closed captioning was presented by the National Bureau of Standards at Gallaudet College. The broadcast featured the Mod Squad.[2]
The first CAT Scanner invented by Robert S. Ledley.
The first CAT Scanner invented by Robert S. Ledley.
  • 1975 - Robert S. Ledley files a patent for the first whole-body CT (computerized tomographic) diagnostic X-ray scanner, or CAT Scanner(3,922,552).[3]


  • 1856 - Emil Kraepelin - father of modern psychiatry, psychopharmacology and psychiatric genetics. He was the co-discoverer of Alzheimer's disease alongside Alois Alzheimer.
  • 1900 - Arthur W. Aleshire - American politician. A U.S. Representative from Ohio, Aleshire lost the use of his legs in an accident and operated a filling station and grocery store before being elected to Congress.[4]


  • 2007 - Dr. Robert Adler, inventor of the first practical wireless television remote control. The device, marketed as the "Zenith Space Command," used ultrasonics to transmit channel up/down and power on/off signals and was a precursor to the other types of environmental control units used today. [5] [6]


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