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February 22

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  • 1876 - Johns Hopkins University is founded in Baltimore, Maryland. Johns Hopkins was the first research university in the United States. According to the University, it has developed more than 100 biomedical devices.[1]
  • 1997 - In Roslin, Scotland, scientists announce that an adult sheep named Dolly had been successfully cloned. After this date, the ethics of cloning humans came to the forefront of the disability rights movement.


  • 1732 - George Washington, First President of the United States. Washington was famous for his "wooden" dentures, which weren't made of wood. "They were carved from hippopotamus ivory and elephant ivory. Sometimes the teeth were set in gold. His dentures had gold springs to hold the upper and lower teeth together." "By the time Washington was inaugurated as the first President in 1789, he had only one natural tooth left in his mouth."[2]
  • 1918 - Robert Wadlow, tallest person in history. Wadlow was born with a disability known as gigantism that caused him to continue growing until his death in 1940.[3] Despite his disability, Wadlow led a successful life attending high school and college as well as becoming a Boy Scout.[4]


  • 1987 - Andy Warhol, American artist, director, and writer. As a child, Warhol had chorea, or St. Vitius' dance, which caused spotting of the skin and uncontrollable shakes.