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Financial Researcher with Visual Impairment

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After an unsuccessful attempt to work as a massage therapist, 'Rick' was eager to find just about anything for gainful employment. His DRS counselor had already provided him with a personal computer with the JAWS for Windows Screenreading Program, a Kurzweil 1000 Scanning System, a Type 'n Speak Notetaking Device , and a Paper Money Identifier. These were all purchased with the intent of Rick running his massage therapy business. Needless to say, the DRS investment looked bad.


Rick, however, kept looking for the right job. He eventually received an interview for an account representative position with Swartz Institutional Finance, north of Atlanta. He packed up all of his equipment and took it with him to the interview! This was to prove to his potential employer that he had ways to deal with PC screen and inkprint information.

Rick was hired, and now does Internet research on various companies, reads printed memos, correspondence and reports, and takes notes on his Type 'n Speak. His job is to match investors with the appropriate company looking for funds.

While Rick's VR counselor has invested heavily in him, the return has been well worth it. Rick receives a good salary, benefits, bonuses, and has been promoted - all in less than a year on the job.


Jack Gilson, Assistive Work Technology Supervisor

Georgia Division of Rehabilitation Services

From the Tech Connections audio conference:

Exploring the Potential of Employees with Visual Impairments