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FluteLab is a Dutch company that makes experiemental flutes. It was founded in 1986 as FluitStudio, but the name was changed to FluteLab to make it more pronounceable to non-Dutch natives. The company's founder and sole proprieter, Maarten Visser, says, "There is something magic about making instruments. To create a musical object is thrilling, but it also has to to with people. Players relate very strongly to their instrument and I love to be part of that."


Country: Netherlands
National Headquarters: De Fluitstudio / Flutelab

Maarten Visser Jacob Catskade 40-2 NL 1052 CA Amsterdam The Netherlands

Company Head: Maarten Visser
Date Founded: 1986


The Swan Neck headjoint

The Swan Neck is a flute head joint that has a bend of approximately 40 degrees. It is designed to change the angle of flute playing to reduce stress on your right shoulder, neck and left shoulder.

The Vertical flute headjoint

The vertical flute headjoint allows you to play the flute in a vertical position similar to a clarinet or an oboe.

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