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Friendly Shoes

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Putting shoes on the correct feet can be a challenge for many children. This challenge can be increased for children with cognitive or visual-perceptual disabilities. If shoes are not put on the right feet, it can cause foot pain and injury, and can increase dependence on caregivers. The friendly face image on the shoes helps children to put shoes on the right feet independently.

Like most children, my daughters had difficulty knowing which shoe should go on which foot and they often got them mixed up. I found that an image with a permanent marker or a sticker on the external medial edge of the shoes was a helpful identifier for them. I told them that if their shoes were on the right feet the “friends” could see and smile at each other. My children enjoyed this and it was helpful for them.

I heard from my youngest daughter’s daycare that this is a common issue with the preschool classes. Her teacher estimated that about 25% of the preschoolers at their center could consistently put their shoes on the proper feet. I sought out to see if the friendly shoes would be helpful for more children.

Further Information

More information can be found by following the link here.