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Graeae Theater Company

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The Graeae Theater Company is a British, disabled-led theater company that profiles the skills of actors, writers and directors with physical and sensory impairments.[1] The company was founded in 1980 by Nabil Shaban and Richard Tomlinson.



Early Life

The company began with Shaban and Tomlinson working from home and producing one-off shows at various events. Their first full prodcution was Sideshow directed and performed by Shaban. Graeae went international in 1981 when it traveled to Greece.

1994 - 1997

In 1994, the company came under the artistic direction of Ewan Marshall.

1998 - Present

Jenny Sealey took over the position of Artistic Director in 1998. In 1999, the company launched its first accredited training course, Missing Piece, for disabled actors. Other training courses followed including Scene Change and Into the Scene


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