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Handwriting Analysis Software

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Student Designer: Lovepreet Kaur (Wayne State University)


Handwriting Graph and Tabs for Other Graphs
Handwriting Graph and Tabs for Other Graphs

A software tool has been developed in Labview that can be used to analyze handwriting data for research related to conditions such as Huntington disease, Parkinson’s disease and Development Coordination Disorders in children. Existing analysis programs are expensive, complex and do not provide the desired analytical tools. This program is easy to use and provides a collection of powerful analysis tools specifically designed to address the research needs. The application has three main features – parameter calculation, graphical displays and data saving. Data analysis examples are provided at end to illustrate the functional capabilities and the accuracy of the analysis software.


The object of this project was to design software that is simple, can perform the required tasks and is user-friendly. The program allows a user to view parameters such as peak velocity and acceleration, total trial time, force inefficiency, and character width on the front panel and also allows saving them in a text file. The application also allows the user to look at the actual handwriting sample which is displayed on a graph. The velocity and acceleration are also displayed on two other graphs separately.

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