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Hip Continuous Passive Motion Device

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Patients who have surgery to repair the hip acetabular labrum require post-op continuous passive motion therapy to reduce pain, joint adhesions, and muscle tightness. This therapy is performed by physical therapists (PTs) and caregivers for 12 minutes, twice a day for 2-3 weeks post-op. Over 220 of these procedures are done every year at the Wexner Medical Center. To reduce the physical strain and time constraint placed on PTs and caregivers we designed a mechanical device that replicates this therapy. This device utilizes adjustable counterweights to offset the weight of the patient’s leg and to provide a stable circular motion. Currently we have conducted several testing procedures on healthy individuals. The overall results of testing indicate overall satisfaction scores of 29-34 out of 40, indicating reasonable approval of the device. However, results also suggest that future robustness and aesthetic modifications are needed prior to wide-spread marketing of this device.

Further Information

More information can be found by following the link here.