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History: Technology for hearing impairments

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  • 1952 - Sonotone released the first hearing aid, the Sonotone 1010, that utilized the transistor for $229.50. Prior models used vacuum tubes. This was also the first commercial use of the transistor.
  • 1956 - Beltone releases the Beltone Hear-and-See, the first ear-level binaural (two ear) hearing aid which was hidden in a pair of eye glasses.[1]
  • 1970 - The National Institute of Standards begins an investigation to see if a portion of a television signal could be used to send precise time information on a nationwide basis. This investigation eventually led to the creation of closed captioning.[1]
  • 2007 (August 1) - Otolaryngologists develop a new, implantable hearing aid called the Bone Anchored Hearing Aid (BAHA). A transmitter worn behind the hear vibrates sending sound received by a deaf ear through the skull and over to the good ear. [3]


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