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House 3M Cochlear Implant

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House 3M Cochlear Implant

House 3M Cochlear Implant processor, transmitter and microphone. Picture courtesy [1]
Manufacturer: House/3M
Dimensions: 3⅜in x 2in x ⅝in
Weight: n/a
Model Number: n/a
Date Released: November 26, 1984

The House 3M Cochlear Implant was the first cochlear implant approved by the FDA. The implant was first implanted in 1984. It used a transmitter that was worn just behind the ear and a microphone that was pinned to the clothing.[2]



The implant was the result of a joint venture between the House Ear Institute in Los Angeles and the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company (3M). In 1983, there were three other companies vying for FDA approval including AT Kolff Medical Inc. with the Ineraid artificial ear, Biostim Inc. with the Bioear, and Nucleus Ltd. with their multichannel cochlear implant. Testing of the implant was done under the investigational-device exemption granted by the Federal Food & Drug Administration.[3]


  • Single channel speech processor
  • Worn on the body

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