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I-limb Ultra

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Photo courtesy of Touch Bionics, Inc.
Photo courtesy of Touch Bionics, Inc.

The i-limb Ultra is an upper extremity prosthetic hand that can be connected to a socket for individuals with either a transradial or transhumeral amputation. The i-limb series are the first prosthetic hands to “imitate the true movement and lifelike accuracy of a human hand”[1] and the i-limb Ultra meets the expectations.

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The i-limb Ultra is comprised of five, individually powered, articulating fingers. The thumb can rotate in and out manually to allow for different gripping options. Control of the hand is proportional to the amount of input signal (stronger the input signal, the faster the fingers move) and therefore patients must learn to control their muscle inputs. A pulsing control allows the patient to increase grip force at selected fingers which correlates with the Vari-grip feature which allows the grasp force to vary at each digit.

The 13 automatic hand features programmed into the i-limb Ultra are:

  • Index point
  • Lateral grip
  • Natural hand position
  • Two thumb parking modes
  • Four precision pinch options
  • Four tripod options

The i-limb Ultra comes in a medium and small size and can be ordered in either a black or neutral color. It has an aluminum chassis for increased durability and can be wirelessly connected to software which allows the user to create custom gestures and modify their grip patterns.


There are multiple options associated with the i-limb Ultra. There are two skin active coverings and one skin natural covering. The skin active covering is for patients who prefer the mechanical look of the i-limb. The i-limb still requires some sort of cover in order to grip things and protect the components from water and dust. The skin active coverings come in translucent or black and are computerized to the exact contours of the i-limb. The two skin active coverings can be seen below:


Black skin active Photo courtesy of


Translucent skin active Photo courtesy of Orthotic Prosthetic Center, Inc.

Along with the skin active coverings there is also one skin natural covering for the i-limb Ultra. The skin natural covering is meant to blend with the rest of the patient’s body and is an off-the-shelf component that comes in 10 color options. There is also a skin match option that is done by the Livingskin team. This option allows the most anatomical match to a patient’s skin and is a hand painted, customized silicone cover made to “exactly match the user’s skin tone and features”[1].

Battery & Warranty Information

The i-limb Ultra has a power management feature that extends daily battery usage by 25% and the hand automatically moves to a natural position after a period of inactivity. It also has a low battery warning audio signal to inform the user it is time to charge the battery.

The i-limb Ultra comes with a 2-year standard warranty with the option of purchasing an extended warranty.

Related software

Virtu limb

  • A training software associated with the i-limb series that allows you to control an i-limb Ultra or a computer representation of the prosthesis to: determine the best electrode site, train the patient to control muscle signals, and demonstrate the possible functions. Virtu Limb allows the user to connect via Bluetooth to a PC and control a hand or representation using electrodes or FSR touchpads.


  • A software for the user that allows them to control a variety of options and go through training tasks. The Biosim-I software allows the patient to wirelessly connect their i-limb by Bluetooth to their computer in order to manage grip and hand settings and create customized gestures. There is also a “health mode” option to allow the patient to check that their i-limb is functioning properly. Biosim-i requires Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 and is not currently supported by Mac OS X.

US Distributors

  • Motion Control Inc.
  • SPS
  • Liberating Technologies, Inc.
  • Cascade Orthopedic Supply


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