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iListen, developed by MacSpeech, is a speech recognition program for the Apple Macintosh. As of 2006, iListen is currently the only third-party software that allows inputting text using one's voice that works on newer Macintosh models. Its competitors are Apple's own speech recognition software (built into Mac OS X); Dragon Naturally Speaking by Nuance, running under Microsoft Windows virtualization software such as Parallels Desktop for Mac or VMware Fusion; and the discontinued speech recognition program ViaVoice by Nuance/IBM.

As of January 2008, iListen has been discontinued by MacSpeech, being replace by its new speech recognition program, "Dictate" (released February 15, 2008). "Dictate" uses the same speech-recognition engine as Dragon NaturallySpeaking, having licensed it from Nuance. iListen's speech recognition engine was based on software developed by Philips.

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