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Interactive Transcripts

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Interactive Transcripts
Interactive Transcripts

Interactive Transcripts are a new tool for media consumption. Similar to captions or subtitles, an Interactive Transcript is displayed beside the audio or video source. As the user hears the words being spoken, the matching words in the transcript are underlined. Doing so, greatly increases the retention of the material.



At least 65% of the population are considered to be visual learners, those who absorb and recall information best by reading as opposed to listening.[1][2]Visual learners benefit significantly from reading transcripts and watching or listening instead of only listening to spoken information.

In addition it has been reported that almost 1 in 20 Americans are deaf or hard-of-hearing[3], as well as millions more around the world. Whether at work or school or home, individuals that have difficulty hearing need new ways to understand and retain the material presented.


Many sites have various forms of audio/video on their website -- these same sites rely on search engines for a substantial portion of their visitors. However, search engines currently don't have the capability to know what is in a picture, movie or audio file as they are all text-based. Therefore these websites may have valuable content that search engines won't be able to know about.

The easiest solution to this problem is to for website owners with media to include transcripts on their pages. Search engines will then be able to crawl the content and include it in their search results. This will lead to more visitors finding the relevant content they are looking for.

If the website owner utilizes advertising on their website, a corollary benefit of having a transcript accompany their media is that advertising platforms, such as Google AdWords, will be able to place relevant advertisements since the content of the media is now known.


There are various providers of Interactive Transcripts at different price points. The main determinant of the price is the desired turn-around-time and quality. The cheapest solution is to use Voice Recognition software though many find the quality to be insufficient. is one provider of Interactive Transcripts with many more likely to appear as the technology gains wider acceptance.



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