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IVR from Database Systems Corp.

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IVR (Interactive Voice Response) from Database Systems Corp.

Database Systems Corp. (DSC) provides IVR and voice broadcasting systems and software. IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a key technology component included in the Telephone Reassurance (CARE) phone systems that contact seniors at home to ensure their well-being.

DSC offers both an affordable and expandable IVR phone system along with automatic call answering services. The DSC IVR platform includes a modern Windows PC with computer telephony cards from Intel / Dialogic. When combined with DSC's IVR software, these phone systems can perform both inbound call distribution as well as outbound calling campaigns - concurrently [1].

Senior citizens use IVR touchphone responses in the CARE (Call Reassurance) program to acknowledge receipt of the telephone reassurance call and to indicate that they are OK. If the CARE system does not receive the appropriate IVR keypad response (DTMF signal), it automatically generates an alert and notifies the local CARE organization and a responsible agent will visit the home of the senior to check on their well-being.

IVR Solutions from Database Systems Corp.

IVR is often referred to using several other telecommunication terms. Here are a few of these acronyms:

  • VUI - Voice User Interface
  • VRU - Voice Response Unit
  • AVR - Automated Voice Response
  • ARU - Automated Response Unit

Database Systems Corp. (DSC) provides two distinct IVR systems for its clients.

IVR Systems

The DSC interactive voice response phone systems include telephony components developed by Intel running on a Windows PC platform. Two different types of IVR systems are available from DSC:

  • The PACER digital phone line system supports approximately 500 phone lines.
  • The WIZARD is an analog phone line system that supports up to 96 phone lines.

PACER systems can be networked to support additional lines beyond the limit of one system.

For complete information about these systems, visit IVR systems.

IVR Software

IVR software includes a complete application development toolkit and are provided by DSC along with IVR software development services. Applications are developed using common IVR programming languages such as the following:

  • C / C++
  • Visual basic
  • Active-X
  • .NET

IVR Services

Hosted IVR outsourcing and application programming services are provided to businesses and government organizations alike. Services include:

  • Application development services
  • Systems design and analysis
  • IVR consulting services
  • IVR hosting and outsourcing

IVR Applications

The IVR technology developed by DSC provides clients and communities with current information 24 hours a day. Diverse IVR applications are available across a cross section of industries.

Interactive Voice Response and Senior Applications

IVR is a computer telephony function that lets callers automatically interact with a phone system while obtaining information or engaging in commercial transactions. By presenting the caller with recorded prompts and menus, an IVR system accepts input from the caller using phone keypad input.

IVR is embedded within the DSC Telephone Reassurance calling system when processsing responses from the senior. But the IVR can also be used for several other functions within the CARE system.

  • The CARE Interactive Voice Response automatically answers phone calls and acknowledges that a senior has called and is OK. This is called the CARE I'm OK option. This feature of CARE reverses the traditional calling process. Seniors can now call an automated phone answering system on a daily basis which can use the Caller ID to identify the senior. If seniors call from different phones, the CARE system prompts them to enter their phone number.
  • Seniors or Latchkey children and their family members can also use the IVR feature of CARE to automatically suspend and restart service without having to speak with a CARE center administrator. This provides a 24 hour answering service for the CARE center and gives CARE recipients a much more flexible service.
  • Medication reminders can be sent to seniors using DSC technology. Included in this message is the ability to use IVR selections, particularly if the senior would like to speak with a medical receptionist or doctor and would like the call to be transferred to this person.

Contact Database Systems Corp.

Database Systems Corp. can be contacted at (602) 265-5968 or using the following Contact Form.

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